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The Importance of an Oil Change

Most people just go through the typical steps of car ownership without thinking too hard about it - getting regular service done, having your engine checked when the light comes on, changing your oil, things of that nature. However, getting regular oil changes is probably the most common service you’ll have done for your vehicle, considering it is recommended that you change it every few months. But what is it about oil that’s so crucial to the life of your car?
Oil is one of the most essential fluids in your vehicle. It flows through the engine in order to lubricate the mechanical parts, preventing it from causing too much friction and damaging itself. Over time, the oil filter will get clogged, and the oil itself will gradually change from a light amber color to a darker shade as it becomes dirtier. Dirty oil gunks up, getting stuck in the nooks and crannies of your engine and potentially damaging your engine. To put it plainly, failing to regularly change your oil could cause far more costly engine damage down the road.

There are, of course, less pressing and dire reasons to change your oil regularly. It will improve your fuel economy because new oil equals more lubrication, which means your engine doesn’t have to work as hard to get you where you’re going. So even if you think you can push your car a little further than your owner’s manual recommends before changing your oil, save money on your gas budget by taking it into the shop.

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