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Common Dashboard Warning Lights | Bakersfield Mitsubishi

Dashboard Warning Lights

Dashboards feature a huge variety of warning lights to indicate that something may be wrong with your vehicle. While you can always check your vehicle’s manual or take your vehicle into the dealership if you see any confusing warning lights, here are some of the more common warning lights and what they mean, courtesy of the Bakersfield Mitsubishi service staff.
Check Engine
This warning light usually requires a professional diagnostic test to determine what is wrong with the vehicle. If this light remains on while you’re driving, see a trained technician at your dealership to diagnose and address the problem.
Battery Alert
The Battery Alert light indicates that the voltage level is below normal levels and your vehicle’s charging system is malfunctioning. Make sure your battery terminals are connected and undamaged, and your alternator belt is working properly.
Oil Pressure Warning
This light indicates that your vehicle is losing oil pressure. You should check your oil level and pressure right away and see a technician if there is a problem.
Brake System
This warning could mean your parking brake is engaged, your brake fluid is low, or there is something wrong with your Anti-lock Brake System.
Door Ajar
If you see this warning light, it means a door—including the hood and trunk—isn’t closed properly. Open and close all doors until the warning goes off. An open door will drain your battery and could leave you stranded.
Airbag Fault
This signals that the vehicle has found a malfunction in the airbag system. This poses a safety concern and should be addressed by a trained professional immediately.
Coolant Temperature Warning
This common dashboard warning indicates that engine temperature is above normal limits. Be sure to check your coolant level, and make sure your engine fan is operational. If this light stays on, visit your dealership for professional service.

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