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Common Myths About Servicing at a Dealership | Bakersfield Mitsubishi | Bakersfield, CA

Dealership Service Myths - Bakersfield Mitsubishi - Bakersfield, CA
Automotive service is a key aspect of keeping your vehicle in prime condition. While driving your vehicle, you’ve likely heard many different myths about a dealership’s service department that are simply not true and should not deter you from heading into a service department, like the one at Bakersfield Mitsubishi.
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Dealerships are more expensive

While some drivers assume that independent repair shops are more affordable since labor costs are less than at dealerships, this isn’t always the case. Independent shops are able to mark up the prices for accessories and parts. Plus, they can use aftermarket parts, while dealerships use Original Equipment Manufacturer parts. OEM parts are meant for your specific car and are more reliable. As such, you could end having more long-term savings when you go to a dealership since you might not need to repair OEM parts as often as you would need to repair aftermarket parts.

Modern cars rarely need maintenance

Although it’s certainly true that modern cars need less service than older vehicles, you still need to regularly service your vehicle. Tire rotations and oil changes are typically required once or twice a year, while you usually need to replace cabin air filters and engine air filters about every two years. You may also need to replace brake pads and other components after a couple of years, depending on your driving habits. The service department at Bakersfield Mitsubishi can handle your maintenance needs, whether you purchased your vehicle from us or bought if from another dealership.

Service technicians try to increase your repair bill

There’s a common assumption that service technicians will always recommend more maintenance than you actually need while you’re in the service department. However, since dealerships offer OEM parts, they cannot upsell these components. Plus, we at Bakersfield Mitsubishi want to build a long-term relationship with you, so we won’t pressure you into purchasing services just to raise your bill.
At Bakersfield Mitsubishi, our service technicians are committed to getting your vehicle back on the road quickly. Schedule an appointment with us when your vehicle is in need of maintenance.

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