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Mitsubishi Technology: AS&G

Mitsubishi has been on the edge of fuel-saving technology in every way possible. While many automakers choose to cut curb weight, Mitsubishi went straight to where fuel is used: the engine. By focusing on the engine, the Japanese automaker has developed the AutoStop&Go (AS&G) system. This technology works automatically to save you fuel without losing power, making it even easier to get behind the wheel of a new Mitsubishi.

Idling Stop technology, which is a major part of AS&G, allows the engine to turn off when the vehicle stops to conserve fuel. The engine automatically restarts as soon as the vehicle is ready to start moving again, like when waiting at a traffic light.

Turning off the engine when the car is idle improves fuel economy and decreases the amount of carbon dioxide emitted. Here’s a simple two step guide on how it works:
  • Stepping on the brake pedal signals the engine to stop.
  • The engine automatically restarts when pressure is removed from the brake pedal or the steering wheel is turned.

Hill Start Assist prevents the vehicle from stopping when on steep slopes and the engine won’t stop automatically during a traffic jam. When the vehicle is driven in reverse then forward repeatedly while steering, the engine won’t stop, allowing you to park smoothly.

Mitsubishi is always working to improve fuel economy and decrease emissions and the AS&G system is an excellent start to a green future! To learn more about which vehicles utilize the technology and to see how it affects the driving experience, come in to see us at Bakersfield Mitsubishi, take a test drive and talk to a sales representative.

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